How to Install Steam on Ubuntu Linux and Play Games?

Most Windows users often hesitate to switch to Linux stating that Linux doesn’t support games. Thanks to Steam, for making this statement as a myth. Gaming on Linux is now possible and is a lot more entertaining. You can enjoy many of your favourite games on Linux as well. Now you don’t have to dual boot Windows alongside Linux just for the purpose of gaming. Just install steam and you’re good to go.

Before you start using Steam it’s worth to know a bit about steam.

What is Steam?

Steam is an entertainment and digital distribution platform where you can download video games and play them on your machines with ease. You can compare Steam to Google’s Android Play Store or Apple’s Play store. It is a dedicated gaming store where you can download, purchase or your favourite games.

Steam supports multiple platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac. Apart from that, it is also available as a dedicated Linux gaming distro Steam OS. It also serves as a gaming hu where you can stay in touch with other gamers and play with other players just like Google play games. This is about Steam and lets us proceed how to install Steam in Ubuntu.

Install Steam on Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros and it is beginner friendly. In this article learn how to install and use Steam on Ubuntu Linux. This tutorial also works great with other Linux distribution like Elementary OS and Linux Mint that are based on Ubuntu.
Without further ado let us see how to run Steam on Ubuntu.

Installing Steam on Ubuntu is pretty much easy and even a beginner can do it. Thanks to the Ubuntu software centre that features many such applications that can be installed without much hard work.

  • To install Steam head over to Ubuntu software centre and search for Steam. There you can install it with a simple tap. If prompted enter your root password. This will complete the installation of the Steam installer.
  • The steam installer is not the actual Steam platform, But it will help you to install the actual Steam package.
  • To install the Steam platform open applications menu and launch the Steam installer. This will download the required Steam package and install the Steam platform on your Linux machine.
  • Upon successful downloading and installation launch the Steam. The first time you run the Steam you will be greeted with a account creation and login screen.
  • You can either create a new account or login with an existing Steam account if you already have.

Installing Steam through Terminal

If you prefer the geek way you can even install Steam using the Linux Terminal. Just run the below command in Linux Terminal and this will install Steam on Ubuntu.

sudo apt install steam-installer

Playing games on Ubuntu using Steam

Steam On Linux

After logging into Steam you will see a library of games that are available on the Steam platform. As we said earlier that Steam is a cross-platform application, it also features games that can be played on Windows and Mac OS as well. You can explore the Linux games either by performing a quick search entering the term “Linux” or you can take the help of filters present in the sidebar, to narrow down the game available for Linux.

You can try any game and the platform has both free Linux games and paid Linux games.
You can download the game start playing if instantly. Steam gives you an option to create a desktop shortcut and system application icon for quick navigation. You can launch the game by clicking on the icon or shortcut and get entertained.

Final Verdict

This is how you can play games on Ubuntu Linux using Steam. There is no doubt that Steam is one of the best ideal solutions for Linux gamers. It satisfies the thirst of gamers who love Linux. If you still need more you can install Steam OS, a dedicating operating system for gaming and enjoy even better gaming experience on Linux.

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How to Install Steam on Ubuntu Linux and Play Games?

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