How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

LinuxBytes: Switched to Linux? Learn how to install Chrome on Ubuntu Linux in this quick tutorial.

Google Chrome is the most popular Web browser both in terms of user base and fan base. It single-handedly captured the market share and stood on top of the charts pushing all other competitors to bottom.

Google Chrome is fast, secure and easy to use with many new features getting added frequently. All these features made it the go-to choice of billions of internet users. Though built on opensource Chromium project, Google has customised Chrome a lot to deliver the best browsing experience.

Google Chrome is fast, secure and easy to use

There are alternatives like Mozilla Firefox, but still many people stick to Chrome. Probably because of Google’s omnipresence.

Though Firefox comes pre-installed on many of the Linux distributions, users often look for Google Chrome. If you are new Linux users you need to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux.

In this guide, you will learn how to install Google Chrome on Linux based distributions like Ubuntu, Zorin OS and Linux Mint. Installing Chrome on Ubuntu Linux is super easy and all you need to do is type few simple commands to install Chrome.

Before proceeding to Install Chrome make sure that your system meets the below requirements to enjoy a stable Chrome experience.

System requirements for Google Chrome:

  • You must be running Ubuntu 12.04 or above.
  • Your computer needs to have an Intel Pentium 4 processor or above.
  • Your hard drive needs 350 megabytes of free disk space.
  • Your computer must have 500 megabytes of RAM.
  • Your machine should run 64-bit architecture.

Install Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

Video Guide!

Sadly Google Chrome isn’t available on Ubuntu Software. But you can install it using deb and rpm packages by downloading them from Google’s official directories. Please note that Google Chrome is only available for 64-bit operating systems and it doesn’t support 32-bit operating systems.

Method 1: Using GUI

If you are new to Linux and don’t wish to play with Linux commands right in the beginning, you can install Google Chrome using the Graphical User Interface. It is as simple as installing Windows software using the .exe files. An active internet connection is required to download Chrome.

To install Chrome for Ubuntu Linux visit the official Chrome site by clicking here. On the official Chrome, page click on the Download Chrome button. Doing so will trigger a pop up allowing you to choose the download package. Choose the correct download package and Accept the Terms of Service and Click the install button.

This will start the download of the installation package. Installing .deb packages is similar to the installation of software using .exe files. Save it in the downloads folder. Once the download is complete, navigate to the download location and double click on the .deb package you just downloaded.

This will launch the software centre and you will see an option to install Google Chrome. Click on Install button. If prompted enter your system password for authentication.

It will take a couple of minutes to install Chrome and once done you will see a button to remove Chrome.

You can launch Chrome on Linux from the application menu or by simply searching for it in the application list.

Method 2: Using Command Line

If you prefer the geek way of installing applications on Linux, you can use the following Linux commands to install Google Chrome.

Unlike other basic Linux applications, you can’t install Chrome using the apt install command. One has to add the DEB file using the follwing simple commands.

Run the below command in Terminal(Ctrl+Alt+T) to get the deb file of Google Chrome for Ubuntu based distributions.


You can now install Chrome the deb file by running the dpkg command in terminal.

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

Upon successful installation, you can now launch Chrome on Ubuntu from the application menu on your Ubuntu Linux.

Final Verdict

So this is how you can install Chrome on Linux and enjoy seamless browsing experience. One main advantage of using Chrome is that you can sync all your work progress across your devices with ease. With just a Google account you can sync all your browsing data. But one has to note that this comes at the cost of privacy.

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How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

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