Quick Guide to Change User/Root Password in Ubuntu

LinuxBytes: Do you wish to change the root password of your Ubuntu Linux Machine? In this article, you will learn how to change the password of root user or any other user on your Ubuntu Linux Machine with the help of both Commands and GUI.

Ubuntu is one of the Most popular and most used Linux Distribution. It is a beginner friendly Linux Distribution that can be very helpful to Windows Users who wish to have a sneak peek at Linux world. Linux is best known for security and freedom. It has great learning edge and helps you learn a lot about machines and operating systems.

To add an additional layer of Security Linux prompts you to set a password while installing a Linux distribution on your computer. This password is requested every time you install an application or perform any system level changes and during many other tasks. This extra step of verification makes you stay secure.

It is advised to change this password from time to time as it will make you stay even more secured. Especially if you are a sysadmin changing passwords from time to will protect your network from external attacks.

Why Should You Change User password in Ubuntu Linux?

There might be several reasons why you should change password on your Linux Machine and here are a few reasons.

  • Sysadmins often need to change the passwords of users in the network.
  • If you wish to update your password to a secure or strong string.
  • To change your existing password to something that you can remember easily.

So these might be a couple of reasons that force you to change your Linux password and there may also be few other reasons as well. So in order to change the Linux password, you need to first learn how to change the password for a user in Ubuntu or Linux?

Guide to Change Password Ubuntu Linux

So Here is a Quick guide that will assist you to change user password in Linux or Ubuntu. In this beginner-friendly guide, you will learn how to change the user password in Ubuntu Linux distribution using both the GUI and Linux commands.

Change user password in Ubuntu Using Commands

Changing Admin/User Password

You don’t have to be a professional Linux user to change the password on Ubuntu Linux OS. It is quite easy to change the password of your Linux system. Changing the user password using Linux commands adds more fun. Ask an experienced Linux user regarding the convenience of using Linux commands to perform tasks on Linux OS.

So here is the command line method that can be used by beginners to change Linux password. It is a basic command that you can type in terminal. Follow the below guide.

  • Open terminal by typing Ctrl+Alt+ T or launch it from Ubuntu Dash
  • Now in the just type passwd in the terminal.

Doing so will prompt you to enter your current password and asks you to set a new password. You need to enter the new password twice to change your existing password. A successful change of your password will immediately change the sudo password of your admin account.

Change Ubuntu Password
Enter passwd command

If you have other users on your computer and want to change the password of the user accounts you need to enter the following command. Just replace <username> with the user account on your PC.

Change root password
Changing password for user

sudo passwd <username>

Changing Root Password in Ubuntu

During Installation, Ubuntu allows you to create a user account with admin privileges. with the help of admin account you can access root privileges as well using sudo command. Also, by default, the root user account password is locked in Ubuntu Linux for security reasons.

If you want to change the password of the root you can do it using the below commands. You can easily change the root password using the passwd command

sudo passwd root

Setup a new password by entering the required fields.

Note: A SuperUser (root) can change the password for any user account.

Change Ubuntu password Using GUI

If you like to change Ubuntu Password in a convenient way, you can simply use the Graphical User Interface. Here is how you can change the Linux passwords using GUI.

Change Linux Password
Search for Settings in Menu
Change Ubuntu Password
Select Users from Settings

Now Select the user you want to Edit. Before editing, you need to Unlock the edit option. To unlock, just click on the unlock icon and enter your current password.

Linux Change Password
Unlock the Edit Option

Now Click on the Password field and it will prompt you to create a new password for the selected user.

Change Linux Root password
Change the Password
Change Ubuntu Password
Enter Current and New Passwords

Once done click on the Change button located on the top right. This will change the password of the selected user in Ubuntu.


So this is how we change the password of user accounts in Linux. Hope this little trick helps you when needed. If you want to learn more, please send your queries through comments and we will create more such Linux tutorials.

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Quick Guide to Change User/Root Password in Ubuntu

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